Bamboo, strong, reliable and dependable!

On why did your daughters shaft broke?   “Girl dropped her shoulder and ran into her and the ref called a penalty.  All 4 of my kids have used your shafts; 2 boys & 2 girls, and love them!  1st one to break in 10 years, not too shabby!!!”   John.. MA Dad.

BAMShaft offers the only patented wood shaft selection on the market.   Our bamboo shafts are solid, flexible and strong.   The wood feels great in your hands.

We are the strongest wood shaft on the market.

Our shafts fits any head. 

And you want to get the $7 personalized shaft for the right touch!

Our D PLUS:  a recent pic from a proud dad!


You don’t want a wood shaft, you want a BAMShaft:

FEB 2013
US Lacrosse Ad.

$8 Laser Engraving:

Colors:   Check them out!  Our new Translucent Silver for men.  Women’s in only in stock now in black.



The feedback is:

“they are much lighter than I thought”.  

“these feel great in my hand”

are they legal”

People still ask, are they legal??   Do kids play with them??  Of course they are legal and not only do they play with them, they excell with them.  They like the solid feel, they like the shaft being warm in the winter and cool to the touch in the summer.


New to lacrosse and not sure which shaft he or she needs, go to our NEW TO LACROSSE PAGE we’re here to guide you.  Thanks.

The best shaft on the market today and certainly, for your money, the best value.  come on in, please…