Women’s Attack Shafts:  $49.00

New Additional Color:   Translucent Black.

The only color available now is black.

No butt needed with a BAMShaft Shaft!


womens_jenny (2) Yes we Chan 1 The sisters are ready to play, have their new BAMShaft’s and YES WE CHAN!

Here is the laser engraving on the above shafts:




The BAMShaft women’s shaft generates a whole different feel. Our bamboo construction stays warm

in the winter and cool in the summer. With 3-inches more flex than aluminum or titanium, you will shoot faster and throw farther.


WEIGHT: 7.3 oz

FLEX: 3+-incheswomens_jenny (1)


All shafts are Federation approved for high school and grade school play and meet all NCAA regulations for college lacrosse.


Try the shaft on your head. Play catch and test it out. If you don’t like it, email us for mailing instructions. We’ll ship it back and issue you a full refund.


3/19/2015    “Paul,  Just wanted to let you know, my kids are still using the BAMShaft. Here is a recent picture from their instagram from school. Like I told you before, both kids will change the heads they use but never the BAMShaft.”

“As a collegiate defender, I found myself frequently breaking composite lacrosse shafts. It wasn’t until I switched to the Bamshaft that I really felt the difference in my game. The combination of strength and flexibility that bamboo shafts offer is unmatched by any! ”  Jenny, Team Captain, Boston University, 2010.  Pictured above, white shorts.

“there’s just something about the BAMShaft. it’s tough to explain. some people get “it”, some don’t… whatever “it” is, i get it.”  told to BAMShaft by a very famous player, now a coach, whom used our women’s shaft in Lake Placid many years ago.