Why a solid bamboo lacrosse shaft over a tube/pipe shaft of current?

BAMShafts are made with a patented technology. Bamboo is stronger than all of the old woods, oak, pine, ash and hickory.  Bamboo is stronger and lighter and more flexible.  Weight was a big issue of why woodies were not being used anymore, and that they broke too easily.

BAMShafts are lighter and stronger than many composite and aluminum shafts on the market today.

How we do it?

We take very long pieces of bamboo, per below, 40 feet long or more, and cut them into strips.  This is NOT your USA backyard variety bamboo.

bamboo pileOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We mill the rounded pieces of the bamboo into long rectangular pieces.  Then you can make a bamboo floor out of it, or in our case, a  bamboo lacrosse shaft.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA You glue the pieces together so that you have a solid piece of bamboo.  Then you mill it to the shape of a lacrosse shaft.  Laminating the pieces of bamboo together actually make the bamboo stronger than it would be by itself.1013BAMShaft Ends (18) You have natural color of bamboo and the dark color.  For the black, we just paint it.BAMShaft Ends (12)Per the picture below, we say, what weapon would you rather take into battle, the one on the left or the one on the right?