If you want to send us a testimonial, we only put your City, State and date and what you have to say.  Please send to us at paul@bamshaft.com


“Just so you know my boys have said they absolutely love their sticks.  My youngest who is an 8th grader said he now can really tell a difference when he throws long distance.  He doesn’t have to use as much force to get the same distance.  When they begin contact I am sure they will notice that too.  :)”

March 2, 2014.  Newark, OH


Just received the stick. Son loves it thank you! One happy Bam Shaft in sunny San Diego!”

November 25, 2013. San Diego, CA. – D PLUS Engraved Customer



“Just bought this shaft today at the LI Laxfest in farmingdale.  This shaft is amazing, it is light.  Lighter than the Wonderboy goalie shaft I had before I got the Bamshaft.  I love how the shaft feels.  Thank you for hooking me up with the Bamshaft.  Once again it is amazing.”

I wanted to shoot back a review/thank you for the Crooked Arrows BAMShaft. First, I was thrilled with the customer service. Everything was quick, concise, and correct. I love my new BAMShaft. It changes the weight of the stick a little bit, and that took a little bit of getting used to. But I love how the stick feels and after throwing around with some friends it felt great.

I’d say it has a sort of natural feel that takes a little bit to get used to, but can be quite fun once you get the feel for it.

Thank you again for all of your assistance.

September 12, 2012. Ballston Spa, NY – Woman Player


“We had met a little over a month ago at the Shamrock tournament on Long Island.  I would’ve gotten back to you sooner but we have been on the road a lot.  As far as the shaft goes I really have been enjoying using it.  The weight was a challenge to get used to but after a few practices it isn’t a big deal.  I like the solid feel and the grip that wood gives as opposed to an aluminum shaft and the power behind checks.  Riding as an attackmen you can see an increase in bruises on defenseman for sure.  Since this purchase my teammates have purchased I think 4 or 5 and as far as I know everyone is still using the stick.  Currently our college team is 3rd in the nation with a 10-1 record.


I just want to thank you again for the opportunity to use your product and will continue to spread the word about such a great product.”

April 23, 2012. Holtsville, NY



April 13, 2012, Steamboat Springs, CO


“I have used the BAMShaft for almost one year now and love the feel of it.

For several reasons.

1. Feel like I get more leverage on face offs.

2. Harder for kids to strip me when doing clears as a d-middie.

3. Intimidates the heck out of kids when I play d-mid.

I am a high school senior face-off specialist and defensive midfielder for both school and club teams.  Although the heads of my sticks may warp or break, the BAMShaft works great for facing off.”

March 25, 2012. Malvern, Pa


“I got my Bamshaft (women’s) today and it is awesome! It fits comfortably in both hands and I can already see improvement!”

March 20, 2012. Cedar Park, TX



These shafts are so awesome! Thanks so much! My wife is in love with the shaft.  I am going to try and put an order together with the girls, now that I have felt the girls handle I know they’ll love it.

March 14, 2012.   Farmington, CT


“When I ordered my first BAMShaft I can’t say I exactly knew what to expect. But, once I began to use it, I discovered how much it brings up your game. You can throw farther, shoot faster and most importantly throw some mean unforgiving checks. “

March 12, 2012. Bridgewater, NJ, HS Senior



            These shafts are awesome, and have really fulfilled everything I wanted in a wooden stick. I would like to know if you guys offer any stickers that I could get my hands on. I’d love to spread the trend by slapping them where ever I can. Thanks!

January 30, 2012.



Met you at the National show in Philly. Daughter purchased a shaft.  Just to let you know she’s loving it. Maybe you remember she used to use one when she played defense in high school and now in college they’ve made her an attacker.  I’ll be jumping on the website to get another.  She needs a backup stick.

January 28, 2012. Poughkeepsie, NY, A proud dad of a College Senior


I bought the d pole for my son for Christmas.  It was all he kept talking about.  He was so excited to try it out.  Every kid on the team has to check it out to see what it is all about.

None  of the kids in clinics or camps want to go up against him in drills for fear of taking a shot from him.  Fear is a powerful tool.  He absolutely loves the whip action and feel.  Extra weight isn’t an issue.  Throwing better than ever.


January 27, 2012. Howell, MI


I’m E-mailing you about the newest shaft, it’s awesome. I have used it in over 15 games already and a tryout for my summer team and there has been no problems with it at all. The worst that has happened to the stick is dents in the shaft, but other than that there are no other marks on it. It still has the whip and weight that I liked about the stick before, yet now it has the strength down near the bottom of the shaft that it did not have before. I think that you have found the right place to put the pole through the shaft. I have gone to the Ithaca turkey shoot in Ithaca New York, and also the Stonewall 120 camp in Virginia at Virginia Military Institute and in both I used the shaft. Many kids asked about the shaft and were interested in it at both the turkey shoot and the Stonewall camp. Thank you so much.  If you have any more questions about the new shaft, feel free to e-mail me again with your questions. Once again thank you for all that you have given me and I’m glad I could help you with the everything and I will keep giving you updates about how the shaft is doing throughout my school season in the spring.

November 28, 2011. Rochester, NY


“I am a Division III lacrosse player at Carthage College in Wisconsin. I purchased the BAMShaft last year when I was searching for a new stick to add to my collection. I was a nervous at first when I was looking at it, and decided to call the company personally. The website was super helpful and easy to navigate and I was able to talk with someone right away without being put on hold! **Best feeling in the world!**

They were so helpful in helping me choose what shaft I would like best! I couldn’t have been more excited for it to ship! I’ve been playing with it for almost a year now and absolutely love the shaft. The service they have is amazing. They are very personable people and have amazing products. I would recommend this to everyone. I DEFINETELY notice a difference and I love the shaft!

I’ll never play with anything else!


Thank you again for everything!”

January 14, 2013. Kenosha, WI


D PLUS: “He loves the shaft. Great for the long pass and it hurts like hell. Offensive players pass the ball quick when guarded by him. He also scored 4 goals this last season from his d position and only took 5 shoots.”

June 3, 2013, Snohomish, WA

“Just so you know my boys have said they absolutely love their sticks.  My youngest who is an 8th grader said he now can really tell a difference when he throws long distance.  He doesn’t have to use as much force to get the same distance.  When they begin contact I am sure they will notice that too.  :)”

March 2, 2014.  Newark, OH


This is my son’s second BAMShaft…. He loves the first one so much, he wanted a second for the new head he just purchased.  Although we have several, very good, even expensive carbon fiber shafts he could use… he loves the look,, feel, and performance of the BAMShaft.  It is the only shaft he will use! Thanks so much for making such a great product.  We will keep spreading the word about the BAMShaft!”

March 12, 2014. Temperance, MI


Awesome! Thank you so much! I look forward to ordering one! A girl on my team just got one and her shots are now twice as hard as they used to be, I can’t wait to see how much it will improve my clears!

Thanks again, and have a great day!

March 27, 2013.   Gig Harbor, WA


“I wanted to take a moment and say Thank You.  The BAMShaft (Crooked Arrows) with the matching head is AWESOME.  My son love it.

Thank you again for all your help and Great Customer Service.”

September 27, 2012.  Royse City, TX


“I’ve got to thank you and all the folks at US Lacrosse and Lacrosse Magazine that run the “Gear Up” contest, as well as the folks at Bamshaft — you really made my son’s day!

As a goalie and defenseman that already plays with a Bamshaft (the original one), he is excited about winning the Bamshaft Plus D-pole.   And I’m sure he will encourage his teammates to enter the Gear Up contest, too!”



“We played again last night and my guy with your shorty … banged in two long distance (20 to 25 yard) crank shots and they were smooooooooking!!!   So, I think we are creating believers!!!”

October 25, 2011.  Coach, Maryland


“I have to say that this is the best lacrosse shaft I have ever used in my life! It has so much flex when I pass and shoot and at the game that I used it in I scored 3 goals and impressed my coach. Thank you so much! “

October 12, 2011. Quakertown, PA,


Before he got his Bamshaft, we were getting new poles all the time. We haven’t had a new on since you sent him the carbon fiber Bamshaft. He will not play with anything else.

October 3, 2011. California


I’ve been using the BAMShaft for a few weeks now and it is exceptional! I also gave my 14 yr. old neighbor Luke the black one and he’s been very positive about how it performs. We both love the way it feels. Much better than cold aluminum. I’ve also found the whip that it produces really adds some velocity to my shots. We have some tournaments coming up this fall so I’ll keep you updated with any feedback. Thanks again for this excellent, high quality and unique product!

September 5, 2011. Syracuse, NY


Hey paul sorry it took awhile to get back to you I only got to use the new one once in the other tournament but I just got done with my tournament in tampa and let me tell you this shaft was nothing but fantastic.

I can’t even describe the sticks strength it handled every check I could throw and I was able to push kids around that were about 50 pounds heavier than me.

My coach and all my teammates were very surprised I didn’t break it considering every other woody I’ve used broke the first game.  It had just great whip and flex.  It made my game so better kids were afraid to be on the end of the stick it was enjoyable I cannot wait to use it in fall thank you for the chance to use a great shaft you have I hope everybody gets one I have friends that want one I told em id tell you thank you sooo much

June 26, 2011. Florida


Dear Bamshaft,

I love my Bamshaft. I saw it at a camp and thought it was unique. I bought

one for my birthday and now it is all I use. The shaft is light, flexible,

and strong. I was at the Liberty lacrosse shootout and met the person who

created the company and he gave me some information about the shaft.

The company has great customer service and stands behind their product. It

was nice to meet you Paul.

Joseph Khalife

June 12, 2011. Allentown, PA


I absolutely loved the Bamshaft D Pole. The bending and whipping of the bamboo was awesome for checks and throwing long passes. The weight of the shaft was perfect for throwing hard poke checks or insane wrap checks. After I got used to the bending and weight of the shaft, going back to a regular shaft didn’t feel the same. Poke checks and wrap checks just didn’t do as much as they did with the Bamshaft. However by far my favorite thing about it was the intimidation factor, after i threw a couple quick poke or slap checks, I found  my opponents not wanting to dodge or carry the ball as much because of weight and power of the checks. I was very impressed by the strength of the shaft too. The shaft did dent and have the paint chip in some spots, but overall the shaft stood up to some good abuse and I would definitely recommend this to other defense players.

Thank you,

June 20, 2011. Rochester, NY


Hi Bamshaft,

My daughter scored a goal the first game she used the stick, she thinks it’s great, thank you.

May 16th, 2011. Annapolis, MD


Hi Bamshaft

Thank You so much for the attack shaft you had given me at the Big City Classic.  After playing Defense with my  Bamshaft D-Pole I was already impressed with the whip, strength and versatility of this shaft. The attack shaft is no different.  It is nice being able to play 2 positions with the same brand shaft as there is no adjusting required.  I would recommend the Bamshaft to anyone who is looking for a stick that has tons of whip and strength. Owning 2 of them and playing 2 different positions, I can just say that they are awesome.

Thanks Bamshaft !

Justin  Britton

May, 9, 2011. Forked River, NJ


“I love the BAMShaft, by the way! It’s great.”

Nov, 4, 2012. Houston, TX.


“BAMShaft is the best stick I have ever had!! The flex has got to be the best part. I could feel my shot improve from the first day I had my BAMShaft. The shaft is the most durable shaft I’ve had. I will never use a different shaft again! BAMShaft is changing the game! “

January 13, 2013. Becker, MN

My son Wyatt has been using this shaft this season.He is in the U9 age

team.  He loves the shaft, he likes the feel of the wood and says it is

lighter than his metal shaft.  He plays attack and his confidence has risen

since using this shaft, so have his goals.  I am going to use my BAMShaft

for my adult league this summer and If I am half as happy as he is it will

be great.

May 14th, 2013. Wilmington, DE.


Re: My new stick.  I took it to Fall Ball today and all the kids and parents thought it was the coolest stick they’d ever seen.  I scrimmaged with my U15 team and the first shot I took with my new stick was a lefty ripper that went in just under the crossbar.  It was awesome!  A good beginning to the player/stick relationship.

October 8, 2012.   Boulder, CO.  Women’s Coach.


Dear Bamshaft,

I Love my new shaft, it feels so solid in my hands and it feels like it will never break.  The weight is no problem… I used to only use light shafts but I will never go back to using a light shaft.  My shot is noticeably faster and I didn’t have to change anything about the way I throw. Thanks again.

April 15, 2011. Forest, VA


Hi BAMSHaft,

  Just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you.  The replacement shaft you had sent me is holding up well and taking a beating.  It survived the indoor winter league and it’s now being used in the spring team.  He loves the stick and will not use any of his others.  He actually let a friend use one of his other shafts this year but no one can put their hands on his BAMShaft lol

  I will send you some updated pics now that he is playing outside.  The indoor ones I sent weren’t very clear .  I am not sure why but no one can seem to get good shots in that dome.

  I will be in touch in a few months.  I am buying some stuff to give away to our kids playing in the beach lacrosse tournament.  So many of them wanted the BAMShaft but didn’t get them so since this could be the last time they play as a group I wanted to do a little something for them..Some are moving on to HS next year while others will remain in middle school.

Thank you again for everything and I will talk to you soon

March 25, 2011. Forked River, NJ


I wanted to say thanks again for the poles.  The guys really enjoyed playing with them and rallying around the BAMShaft.  There were quite a few “Bams” on the defensive end of the field.  We broke a handful of them  over the weekend.  Overall though guys liked them, especially the feel and weight of the short sticks.
We handed out hundreds of bamshaft/bamboozers koozies, so the team and the shafts were pretty well known by the end of the weekend.

March 1, 2011.  Men’s Masters Team out of Texas in New Orleans Tournament 2011


“I received my D-pole a few days ago, i love it!!!! some of the guys on the team, along with the coaches, were critical about the weight and the fact it was wood, believing it would just snap. but i proved them wrong! the weight adds power to checks, the whip ads to my shot, and the strength of the stick makes it highly reliable!!! i plan to purchase another soon, and for the price, the switch from breaking titanium to the low cost BAMShaft makes my wallet happy too! I love this product and you now have a lifelong customer!”

January 13, 2011.  Franklin, MA


“Thank you again for sending me the demo BAMShafts this past spring. I have been meaning to get back to you with some feedback about your product after using the shaft all spring as a coach with my high school team and all summer as the lacrosse director at a boy’s camp. After five months of daily use, I have been thoroughly impressed with the BAMShaft. Lacrosse season spans a wide variety of weather here in Maine, from mid-March to August, and I found the BAMShaft to be perfect in any condition. On cold days, the BAMShaft stayed warm in my hands while on hot days I never lost my grip due to sweaty hands. I would let kids use my stick at camp, so it took some abuse but came out fine; the small dents from stick checks added to the stick’s grip and character.

Almost everyone who saw it dug the old-school vibe. They all thought that it was amazingly strong for bamboo. Lots of kids asked if you make goalie shafts and d poles, which now I see you do.

All in all, you have a great product and I really hope that it catches on. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to try the BAMShaft for myself. If you ever have any questions or need any product testers, please feel free to give me a call. Hopefully I’ll see you at the National Convention next month.”

December 16, 2010. Maine


“I just wanted to let you know I DID receive the BAMShaft.  My boys said “its “sweet”.  Dad is gonna love it!”

Thanks again”

December 23, Southold. NY


“I met you at a New Jersey tournament this summer and got a BAMShaft.  I am emailing you to tell you that I absolutely love it! I do the draw and I sometimes had trouble getting a grip on my old shaft because of sweat or rain, but the BAMShaft doesn’t have any slip on it! I also somehow feel more powerful with my shots and checks.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to use it, good luck with your sales!

December 23, 2010. Marriottsville, MD


“the feel of it was great.  The weight of it was awesome.  The flex was great for checking, if they were hiding their stick behind their body and you slap checked their shoulder in the right spot it could bend around them and hit the ball out of their stick.  Also on poke checks the weight would put so much more energy behind my checks.  With passing it was great the flex increased my long passing distance tremendousness.  Also when i was throwing shorter passes the flex would cause it to whip a little more which takes some getting used to but once you do the speed of your passes greatly increases.  The players I was guarding were on the brink of tears because of the damage this shaft makes.  The only information that I cannot give you is about how well it preforms shooting because I am a D-pole so I don’t do too much of that.”

November 12, 2010. Churchville, NY


Also, my son loves his d-pole.

 I equipped him with the regular BAMShaft pole late last spring.  It made a difference.  He played d-middie with it.  He tied up an attacker, then wrestled with him, and due to the strength (non-crimping) of the BAMShaft, he physically flipped the attacker.  A simple aluminum 6000 pole would have crumpled.  Even a vanadium pole might have been damaged.  No damage to the BAMShaft.  He looks forward to testing the whip of the d-pole.

 You have a good product.   I was buying a butt cap for the d-pole at the Leesburg, VA, XYZ dealer and promoted your product to them.  I encouraged the owner, Mr. XYZ to check out BAMShaft.  I hope he does.

November 5, 2010. Leesburg, VA


I met you down at the Club National tournament in Germantown, Maryland, I’m the former BU lacrosse player. Well, I said once I got a chance to really play with my awesome bamboo shaft that I would give you some feedback as to how I liked it. This past weekend was my alumni game, and I used my bamboo shaft — it was GREAT! I had a habit in college of breaking shafts, but I didn’t have to worry about that at all. And I definitely gave some of those rookies a few bruises (needless to say us alumni won the game 🙂 ) I was showing some of my former fellow defenders the stick, and everyone thought it was so cool. Too bad they’re sponsored by Brine and can’t use it — but they sure did like it!

October 25, 2010. Boston, MA


A few photos of our daughter, ….. with her Bamshaft.  The first two are from the 2010 U15 National Championship Tourney held at Disney, and the last one is from a recent tourney held at IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL.

Since these photos were taken, we purchased a back-up Bamshaft for …., and can’t wait for our son to play his senior year with his new long pole.

Here is a quote from my daughter:

“The Indians believed their wood shafts had a life force, and my new shaft seems to know what I want it to do – it just feels right.”

October 20, 2010.  Nokomis, FL


“I bought this shaft in Maryland during the Capital Cup Tournament. I have been using it since and I LOVE IT!!! It is the best shaft I have ever used and it’s given me the decision to never buy a metal shaft again. Thank you for the sale!”

July 12, 2010. 19 years old, Suwannee, GA


“Hey I got my BAMshaft in middle of the season and it’s awesome!!! I love my BAMshaft. A lot of guys on the team were really interested in my new shaft. During my first practice with the BAMshaft I managed to put a bruise across my friend stomach without even trying. This shaft has amazing whip and the weight does not bother me. It dings up pretty easily but does not chip. I found my game play to increase with this shaft and seem to also cause more damage. This stick is a real eye catcher and is almost impossible to break. Thanks for making the best shaft in the world!!”

May 31, 2010. York, PA


 How did your unit arrive after shipping?  Any issues?   “Quick, efficient, hassle free.”

How do you like playing with it?  We need to know the good, the bad and the ugly…. 

“The shaft provides an excellent feel, has great resilience, and provides some additional whip which is very nice for a variety of shots. It takes a beating and has held up remarkably well considering how much abuse it has taken this season.  It just looks and feels great, plus it is a nice return to the roots of the sport – natural materials.”

Any suggestions for the BAMShaft team?

1.Weight:  We do know that we are a few ounces heavier than the other guys, but we knew that from the beginning and there is nothing we can do.  Most people like it a little heavier for better balance, etc.

“It is a little heavier than most, but I don’t find that much of a detraction, it actually adds to the checking I can deliver on rides and provides some additional force to the shots.”

2.Butt end:  Our shafts do not require it, so we do not supply it.  We may in the future, but for this year, no.

“ I do my own taping, so the butt is not a big deal for me.  I would probably take it off anyway.  “

“Thanks for all your help.  You have a great product; please let me know as soon as you offer a D pole.  “

May 25, 2010 Bolton, MA


“My Bamshaft is totally awesome!  The packaging was beautiful.  I LOVE playing with it.  I have no issues with the shaft.  I like the weight of the shaft.  It hurts the other guys on the team.  Keep up the good work and thanks for a great product!!”

May 22, 2010. Center Valley, PA SLY U13 Spartan


“RE: I just got my bamshaft with the crooked arrows logo. It’s really awesome. I am either really lucky or the thing has DEAD ON accurate aim. It is the most awesome shaft ever!!”

April 2, 2014. Wauwatosa, Wisconsin


“When you’re over 50 and playing with the younger crowd, it awesome to have

some extra energy and power from the BAMShaft:

and on a second note up here in Northern Canada, Fall ball means snow and

cold days, My hands never get cold with this shaft:”

October 26, 2012.  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (Men’s Masters)


my name is ——-. I LOVE the BAMShaft I feel like I can shoot faster and harder and through farther! I have 2 ?’s. is it ok for the BAMShaft to get a little wet because I had a game in the rain today it seemed fine but I am just checking. Also do you need a rubber butt for your stick or is it legal. Foxboro, BAMShafts love the rain, no issue there.  They do not need a butt end, as they are solid and therefore federation approved without a butt end.

May 19th:   Foxboro, MA