New to lacrosse? Your son or daughter wants a BAMShaft and has been bothering you for a while, well here we go:

Women:  one length, 33″ for the shaft and then the head on top of that.  “The crosse’s overall length shall be between 35 1/2″ minimum and 43 1/4″ maximum”.  So, you can cut our shafts down if needed, but it comes in 33″ lengths, then with the head, you get to 43″.

Goalie would usually use a men’s shaft, which is 30″ in length.  Some will use the 40″ goalie shaft plus the head, but not usually.

For men/boys lacrosse, you have attack shafts, 30″ long.  The complete crosse (head and shaft) can be 40 to 42″ long for the attack position.

For the D player, the long crosse can be 52″ to 72″ in length, again, including the head.  Men’s heads are usually 12″, so the 30″ shaft plus the 12″ is 42″.  D poles are 60″ long, plus the head, you are at the maximum of 72″.

To complicate it more, U-11, under 11 years of age, for the D pole, it can only be 43″ long, plus the head, makes the crosse a total of 54″.  Our D PRO and D PLUS can not be cut down due to the inside design.