30″ Long.  9 ounces of weight/power

Flexible and punishing.

“wow, they are lighter than I thought they would be”

it feels great in my hand”

yes, i have been hit by one and man, they pack a punch!”

You have been wanting to try a BAMShaft, now is the time to try one out.

Colors Available:  DARK and Translucent Silver  No butts needed with a BAMShaft Shaft!

The BAMShaft men’s attack shaft was the first BAMShaft ever made. Giving you a 3 more inches of flex than an aluminum or titanium shaft, the men’s attack shaft gives you a faster shot and a further throw.

All BAMShaft lacrosse shafts come with a 6-month limited warranty. (Limit of 1 replacement in first 6 months.)

Not warrantied for BOX play.

Legal:  Yes.  

All shafts are Federation approved for high school and grade school play and meet all NCAA regulations for college lacrosse.


Try the shaft on your head. Play catch and test it out. If you don’t like it, email us for mailing instructions. We’ll ship it back and issue you a full refund. (offer void if used for game play.


Oxford, PA.  May 14, 2018.   (from a 6 year old):” I love my Bamshaft because I score lots of goals and my friends think I have the coolest Lax stick ever. It’s my favorite because my name is engraved on it and it is really light so I can run super fast.”

Durhamville, NY March 25, 2017.  “I just got it today!  You guys are great this is the second one I have purchased, the newer ones are lighter and I love it, you guys are the best!”

Becker,Minnesota June 2018.  BAMShaft is the best stick I have ever had!! The flex has got to be the best part. I could feel my shot improve from the first day I had my BAMShaft. The shaft is the most durable shaft I’ve had. I will never use a different shaft again! BAMShaft is changing the game!